08-11 April, 2019


The Evening of April 8 [welcome]--The Morning of April 11, 2019. Events on April 9 & 10

The FileMaker Platform is fast becoming a Workplace Innovation Platform, one that welcomes and includes code & tech from anywhere. Pause[x]include is an unconference for people who are blazing trails in this new inclusive world, defined by FileMaker and X, where X = javascript, web services, big data, IOT & just about anything else you can imagine. Bring your cross-device multi-lingual apps & tech to Tulum, an ancient center of trade, commerce, culture and ideas, and join Unconference sessions that welcome you to share in your own language: English, Spanish, Japanese, JSON, NoSQL, Python, etc. Simultaneous translation is available from multilingual translators via multiple chat channels.

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Include Directive

Many programming languages and other computer files have a directive, often called include (as well as copy and import), that causes the contents of a second file to be inserted into the original file. These included files are called copybooks or header files. They are often used to define the physical layout of program data, pieces of procedural code and/or forward declarations while promoting encapsulation and the reuse of code.

Pause[x]include Steering Committee: Albert Harum-Alvarez, Gianna Harum-Alvarez, and  Hassell Moreno.