Trail Running

A Moving Meditation

Running is a lab for watching how the mind works. And so much of running comes down turning off the need to keep making decisions. Because it’s the process of deciding that pulls us out of running and into narratives about running (should I walk now, should I speed up, am I running as well as I planned, am I a complete fraud?).

The same is true of working and coding: blocking off time to work means time off from evaluating the story of work. Time off from weighing it against competing demands.

When running is on, you're just watching yourself run--watching your legs flow under you--wonderfully free of trying to decide how you feel about it.


Friday and Saturday at 3pm:  Distance and duration will depend on the group. Runners of all levels, especially beginners (i.e. this is your first time), are encouraged to come. There is an awesome 3/4 mile loop on the property (here's a video) that we may run. If we wanted something longer, we could run 1.3 miles on the road up to the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, run in there and then run back.

This is not a race; it's a running clinic. We'll finish in time to clean up before dinner but likely not in time for sessions before dinner.

For some inspiration, here is one of Jonny's favorite running films: Western Time

On June 28, 2014 Nike Trail athlete Sally McRae ran the original and most prestigious 100 mile race, the Western States 100 for the very first time. This short film documents her story and her journey leading up to this event including qualifying at the Montrail Ultra Cup race, the inaugural Sean O'Brien 50 mile earlier in the year. 

Although recently garnering a sponsorship, Sally opens up about her personal struggles and self-doubt leading up to the race. Her story also involves the tremendous support of her friends who were with her throughout her journey to and during the race of her life, the Western States 100. 

Starring: Sally McRae |


Instagram: @yellowrunner

Twitter: @SallyMcRae


Film by: Billy Yang |


Instagram: @BillyYangFilms

Twitter: @BillyYang

copyright Billy Yang Films 2014

Jonny Lee

Jonny Lee is a Chi Running coach and ultra runner in Portland, OR. He recently completed a circumnavigation of Mt. Hood. We won't be running that far.