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As we prepare for FileMaker Summer Camp in October, we want to share some details about scheduling and sessions.

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Above is the current plan for the schedule (subject to change), which includes a variety of structured and less-structured ways to spend time together. 

  • Whole Group - Each morning will start with a large group session, so we can start each day, and end the conference, together.

  • Small Group - Throughout Wednesday and Thursday there are time slots for “typical” Pause small-group sessions. More on these, below.

  • Walk, Talk, Recharge - Take some time to nerd out and share some code. Maybe grab one or two other people, and get some feedback on an idea or an issue you have while you walk around the property and its trails. Take a minute to recharge your batteries (along with your devices) and let all that new information soak in. We trust you’ll make the best of the time with our community.

  • Choose Your Own Adventure - We’ll provide some templates for what you might want to do with this time, but ultimately, it’s up to you. There’s a small-group method of troubleshooting problems called Issue Processing you could try. Or perhaps a small group session led to a spirited conversation that you want to spend more time on. On Thursday, if the weather is good, the lake will be open - so consider taking your conversations out for a swim or a canoe ride. Maybe you’ve lost your voice and stayed up too late at the bonfire, so just need time to take a nap… or there’s a queue of client emails you need to respond to. These times are about making the best use of your own time, whatever that means to you.


The small group sessions are similar to the way PauseOnError unconferences have run before. This year we want to focus on the following practice areas:


  • Business, Sales, & Marketing

  • People, Culture, & Leadership

  • Project Management

  • FileMaker Development

  • JavaScript Development

  • Web Development

  • Integrations

  • Hosting & Security


This year, we won’t be asking for you to submit a session for approval. Instead, we will open up slots for people to sign up to facilitate a session. Use your best judgement - if you see someone with a similar session already on the calendar, try collaborating and doing it together. If you have a topic you want to learn more about, consider co-facilitating a session and asking someone who’s more knowledgeable about it to partner with you. We want PauseOnError to continue to be a collaborative space, where we can build the best possible conference, together.


We will use Slack as the home base to share session ideas and to find co-presenters. It’s also a good place to discuss shared rides and other travel plans. Since the venue is rather remote, we strongly encourage you to rent a van, grab some friends, and make a road trip adventure out of it! Maybe there’ll be a prize for which carpool has the best Spotify playlist.


We see PoE as a chance to both share what you know and learn about new things. In order to best serve those needs, we’ll be offering up a place to ask questions for each practice area. That will help you see who else has similar interests as you or what cool topics might be coming in October.


In order to give you time to discuss in Slack and come up with sessions, here are our plans:


August 11: Open up Slack to all attendees. Provide a link to submit questions about the different practice areas.


August 18: Post the schedule and allow for attendees to sign up for small groups sessions.

More Questions?