A Field Guide for Attendees

Ultimately, Pause is what you, the attendees, make of it.

"We should take the opportunity to do things we don't get to do at regular conferences."

Here are just a few thoughts to let you know what's possible, and what seemed to work at previous Pause events:

  • Post comments & questions on a session's discussion page before Pause

  • Put an example file together and think about how you'd demo that around a small table, or put it on a thumb drive and hand it to a presenter well before the session

  • Pause works best with active participation, though we recognize that we all participate at different speeds and different audible frequencies. In other words, if you've ever wanted to really engage a subject, this is your chance

  • Follow #pauseonerror on twitter for schedule changes, room changes, trending topics, group dinners, etc.

  • Be helpful and respectful to fellow attendees, presenters and hotel staff (no crazy FileMaker stunts!)

  • Speakers are invited record their own sessions and we will post the content. If you're in a room and want to record the session, please obtain recorded permission from everyone in the room at the start of the session.

  • If done correctly, this should feel a little like an organized train-wreck of activity. Just remember that you are probably getting a first look at a lot of things: crazy new ideas, amazing "secret" projects, and wickedly cool works-in-progress. Good humor and a willingness to go-with-the-flow are helpful traits to pack along

  • Read the Presenter's Field Guide if you'd like to present something (and you should)