Co-founders: John Sindelar, and Ernest Koe. Big props to our distinguished Steering Committee alumni: Lisette Wilson, Susan Fennema, Martha Zink, Todd Geist, Molly Connolly, Matt Navarre, Andy Gaunt, Kate Lee, Dan Weiss, and Gerald Chang.

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Tales of Managing External APIs

Ed McPike

Gather round to share stories about working with APIs and all of their complexity. How can it be modularized to make it more maintainable?

Account Management: The Game

Martha Zink

Treating your clients like an opponent will end up in fouls and fallowness. Remember that business is a cooperative game. Unlimited number of players. And kind of like Monopoly, it never ends (but can be more fun and more fruitful). What are your house rules?

The Machine [Learning Project]s Are Coming

Heidi Porter

The year is 2020. The robots are here. How can we best prepare for their invasion, integration, and success?

A Recipe for Cloud-hosted Video Playback

Elizabeth Swenson

Start with some AWS. Pile on some REACH, add a little Video.js. A few more ingredients and you've got a cloud-hosted video playback system that is FileMaker friendly, dairy free, and gluten free.

The Challenges of Contracting

Susan Fennema

Are you the subcontractor looking for work? The employer looking for help? Navigate the land of contracting with Susan at the helm to find ways to keep the work coming and to keep your workforce happy.

Not-FileMaker from a FileMaker Perspective

Dave Ramsey

FileMaker, Swift, C#, JS, Go, AppleScript - these are just a few tools in our collective tool belts. Which ones are you choosing on your adventures? Share your travels and teach us your ways.

Working Closely from Afar

Krissy Ferris

Get ready to explore a world where cubicles and water coolers are a thing of the past. Instead, navigate a land where productivity conquers no matter your view: land or sea.

Playing in FileMaker: We Got Game

Alan Kirtlink

Need a break from work but can't get away from FileMaker Pro? Check out how others are making games using the FileMaker platform

From IoT to FMP

Greg Lane

In a world where technologies roam free, Greg leads the quest toward integrating IoT devices to FileMaker and other technologies.

Play a Part in Communication

Will Mercer

Prepare for maximum engagement! Explore the 7 tools of communication to navigate the treacherous world of interaction.

How to Use Twilio Without Being Evil

Sully (David) Sullivan

Robocalls are here to stay. (And it's not even post-apocalypse!) How do you make something good from a technology often used by the darker side?