A Field Guide for Attendees: PauseOnSecurity

Ultimately, Pause is what you, the attendees, make of it.

"We should take the opportunity to do things we don't get to do at regular conferences."

Here are just a few thoughts to let you know what's possible, and what seemed to work at previous Pause events:

  • Post comments & questions on a session's discussion page before Pause

  • Put an example file together and think about how you'd demo that around a small table, or put it on a thumb drive and hand it to a presenter well before the session

  • Pause works best with active participation, though we recognize that we all participate at different speeds and different audible frequencies. In other words, if you've ever wanted to really engage a subject, this is your chance

  • Follow #pauseonerror on twitter for schedule changes, room changes, trending topics, group dinners, etc.

  • Be helpful and respectful to fellow attendees, presenters and hotel staff (no crazy FileMaker stunts!)

  • Due to the sensitive nature of material at this Pause, recording will not be permited.

  • If done correctly, this should feel a little like an organized train-wreck of an activity. Just remember that you are probably getting a first look at a lot of things: crazy new ideas, amazing "secret" projects, and wickedly cool works-in-progress. Good humor and a willingness to go-with-the-flow are helpful traits to pack along

  • Read the Presenter's Field Guide if you'd like to present something (and you should)