Pause: Los Gatos

Meditation retreat, tech conference, art project.

Los Gatos, CA
25-28 May 2017

Inhale, Pause, Exhale

Los Gatos, CA
25-28 May 2017

FileMaker is changing; so are we. Meet us in the redwoods, just 20min from San Jose, for a meditation retreat, tech conference, running clinic, and art project. Try something new: meditate with a Zen Koan, go for a run, learn some JavaScript, or lead a session. Be a beginner again.


This will be a smaller Pause (50-70 people) and we’ll all stay and eat meals together at The Presentation Center. The technical sessions this time will have a theme: JavaScript, Web tech, and the new cURL and JSON features coming in FileMaker next. This is new stuff to most of us, so the whole event is about getting comfortable with being a beginner.


How do we learn something new? We might start by noticing how it feels to not know something. Does it feel tight? Are we afraid we can’t do it; that we’ll do it all wrong?


About Pause

Is this your first PauseOnError?

PauseOnError is a gathering of software developers and consultants who use FileMaker. This is a SELF-ORGANIZING effort; content is created by the attendees who don't just listen to presentations: they participate in discussions, share, and make things. It's taken many forms over the years but, above all, it's just really cool to get together, share our work, get feedback and learn from each other. Check out past events for more.


Skepticism and curiosity are helpful; believing things is not. 

- John Tarrant

Featured Speakers

John Tarrant

Morning meditations and evening talks

John Tarrant directs Pacific Zen Institute devoted to meditation and the arts. He wrote Bring me the Rhinoceros & Other Zen Koans that will Save Your Life and The Light Inside the Dark: Zen, Soul & The Spiritual Life and...

Jonny Lee

Trail running

Jonny is a Chi Running coach and will be leading trail runs each afternoon. ALL fitness and experience levels are welcome.


Submit a session for Pause

If you have JS or web tech you’d like to share--related to FileMaker or not--please check out the schedule and get in touch.

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The Presentation Center

The Center is pretty remote and we’ll all eat together. Rooms are shared, dorm style, with a bathroom down the hall, though a few single rooms are available.


Shared rooms are kind of weird, and kind of cool, but this place is gorgeous, so it will be worth it. We’ll respect the strict no smoking (only in your car, if you have one), and alcohol-only-in-your-room policy of the Center. Evening time will be quiet as morning sessions start early. 

Drawing by Chiyoko Yoshida


Have Questions? 

Tickets include admission to the conference, lodging, and all meals. Check-in is Thursday the 25th at 3pm and our first talk is that night after dinner. Departure is Sunday after lunch. All rooms have a shared bathroom down the hall. A few single rooms are available: the other rooms are doubles with two single beds, and a couple of triples. (If you have preferences, email us after you've bought tickets and let us know who you'd like to room with.)

Tickets to Pause are transferrable but not refundable.

PauseLosGatos Steering Committee: Todd Geist, John Sindelar, and Ernest Koe